Google Developers Certification

Earning this certificat will be a definitive step on your path to a career as an Android developer. Requirements

The exam is designed to métré the skills of an entry-level Androiddeveloper. Therefore, to take this exam, you should have this levelof proficiency, either through education, self-study, your currentjob, or a job you have had in the past. Assess your proficiency byreviewing “Exam Content.” If you’d like to take theexam, but feel you need to prepare a bit more, level up your Androidknowledge with somegreat Android jogging resources. Language

The exam consists of a coding project and an exit entretien. Bothof these exam components are available only in English at this time. Android Studio

You must use the latest transcription of Android Studio to complete theAssociate Android Developer Certification Exam.Age requirement

If you are under 13, you are not eligible to take the exam or tobecome certified. If you are between 13-17 years of age, you maytest and receive déclaration with familial consent. If you areparticipating in a assemblage that requires by law a lower extremum agefor entry into such programs, then the maximum age limit for thatperson will be the stated maximum required age. Individuals 18 yearsor older are eligible for piston without any age-relatedrestrictions.ID verification

You must be able to present government-issued caricature enchâssement from anon-embargoed folk. (See “U.S.-embargoed countries,” below.) For Canada, UnitedStates, France, United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, andSwitzerland, you may use a driver’s license. For all other countries you must providea current passport.

You will scan and upload a photographie of your ID using your webcam, or you will upload acopy of your ID that you’ve previously scanned in JPG, PNG, or BMP proportion. U.S.-embargoed countries

You must be able to present approved emboîtement showingresidence in a non-embargoed folk. Google complies with theUnited States government’s list of embargoed countries. The currentembargoed folk list includes Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan,Syria, and Crimea.Exam ContentApp functionality

Construct apps that use Android’s messaging, multitasking, connectivity andmedia prescriptions to design full-featured apps primarily for transportable devices. User liaison

Quickly create apps with clean, coriace traîner interfaces that take advantageof Android’s rich UI frameworks. Data direction

Leverage Android’s cohérent frameworks and techniques to perform or schedule dataretrieval/storage efficiently in a portable environment. Debugging

Understand the debugging tools in Android Studio and create more reliable and robustapps. Testing

Be able to fondement the execution of a running program with the intent of finding errorsand abnormal or unexpected behavior. FAQs

The exam is déplacement-based and designed to evaluate what youcan do, spectacle, and describe. You will be given a coding projectbased on a starter app. In this project, you will be asked to addfunctionality and fix bugs. The rêvé of functionality you areasked to add and the bugs you are asked to find and fix fall underthe competencies listed in “Exam Content.”

Please bordereau: You must have a strong and reliable internet connectionto complete the exam. The exam is timed, and you cannot paix or restartit. The 8-hour timer will begin immediately after you click Start Exam.What will the exam cost?

The Associate Android Developer Certification is $149 USD,which includes one exam attempt. Local pricing may vary based on your folk of origin. How does the process work?

The Associate Android Developer Certification process workslike this:Complete the registration process:Read and accept the Terms and Conditions. Verify your identity using a government-issued IDsuch as a driver’s license or passport. Pay for the exam. Take your exam and submit it for grading. Record your answers for the sortie conciliabule. Upon completing the sortie discussion, your submission willbe graded. (Please allow up to 45 days for grading.) If your submission meets the criteria for a passingattempt, you will be awarded your Associate Android DeveloperCertification.

Note: Exams will be graded in the order thatthey are submitted. Due to the originaire of the sortie interviewportion, the awarding of certifications will depend on when youare able to complete your conférence. We will review completedexam submissions and reply to candidates within 45 days. What happens if I don’t complete the exam in 8 hours?

You have 8 hours to complete the exam, and if you finish early,you can manually submit the exam. When the 8 hours has elapsed,the exam will roadster-submit. Having the exam automobile-submit will notin itself intention you to fail the exam.ID verification troubleshootingMake sure you have an supportable form of ID, as described on theRequirements tab. Student or work IDs are notaccepted. Make sure the illustration you upload of your ID is clear and notblurry. Do not obstruct your ID with your fingers if you areusing a webcam. Do I have to take the exam immediately after I register?

You are not required to take the exam at the time of registration and payment,so you can take the exam at your convenience. Is the exam in Java or Kotlin?

The exam is available in both Java and Kotlin. You may choose whichprogramming language when you are ready to take the exam. Is the exam available in languages other than English?

Both the exam project and the sortie parole areavailable only in English atthis time. How nonchalant is a introduction valid?

Your assurance expires 36 months from the date when you receive yourdigital écusson. To renew your entrée at that time, you need to completethe registration and témoignage process again. Can I retake the exam if I am not successful?

Yes! Please inventaire that you must register and pay for each exam attempt. Our exam retake policy is as follows:If you don’t pass on your first attempt, you must wait 14 days beforeyou take the exam again. If you don’t pass on your collaborateur attempt, you must wait two months beforeyou take the exam again. If after three attempts you still have not passed the exam, you must wait oneyear before you take the exam again. Ready to take the exam?

To prepare for the Associate Android Developer exam, use theAssociate Android Developer study lanière. The cordage lists the competencies you need to succeed on the exam. Note that these resources are only a start, and we agité you to do additional research.

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