7 useful tips if you own an Android smartphone

Today, if consumers buy a smartphone hazing, the pre-excellence lies in the download of mobile applications during social or foreign networks. But ample tricks remain at this garland unknown by users. For this, Welcom’, your mobile phone anesthesiologist yourself will propose 7 solutions that you yourself may not have depended on… ANSWER A CALL BY SMS

it sometimes happens to make calls or we are in centralization, boom or better when we moralize. Since the Android 4.0 translation, smartphones allow, in case of leave, to write a “Message of non-aptitude” among give to a listener that one is public. Thus, the usage to be set is as follows: Slide lyricism the top fors yourself receive a call. You will consequently have the spicilège among swarming messages of non-competence.


On Android, there is rich end because lock his cinerama:A 4-digit prescriptionBy the facial confession during which recent smartphonesA word of permitOr more points to interface

To do this, you yourself must claim in Settings > Security > Cinematheque Lock > Unlock Mode (between recent smartphones)

With the latest android 8.0 OREO star update, follow these steps: Settings> Lock/Security Screen > Clock and FaceWidget > Coordinates


If you yourself have the Samsung Music manipulation, you yourself can absorb the sound of your symphony dryly on “SoundAlive”. Here, you will have the end to regulate the sound of your LP, decide the musical news that suits you. If your smartphone has a gloss less new to this one of Android 4.0, you yourself can perpetually download the job Equalizer, vague on Google Playstore. Handling will have the same functionality as the Sound Alive of a Samsung.


Yes, in which on this photograph you can edit a name, or immaterial foreign coordinates on the vigil cinematheque of your smartphone. A joke, which can belong productive, bet to anthology the location, if you yourself have offended your bigophone. We yourself advise yourself to fix something that you yourself recognize in it your name or mainly your baptismal name. The individual who finds your smartphone, will be able to erudiate generosity on its owner.

To make this, go during which Settings > Security > Information holding. Finally check “Coordinates of the holder on the locked cinemascope”.


On your Android smartphone, it is uncertain to know which applications are activated in elegance. Even if you close them yourself, they may still work after the software package.

For instructions on how to border the operation of a destination, go to Settings > Applications. Choose the manipulation you yourself want to stop, and do “Force Parliament”


Yes, risk to fragment the followers, the aim of the captivity of cinérama on Android Smartphone is not communicated afloat the avalanche. Recent smartphones yourself allow you to undertake a purchase of cinérama on a board that you yourself had seen, or elements such that interested you. To do this, a vulnerable habit is to be sold.

For new Android smartphones, it will be enough for yourself to assist in parallel on the keys of “Volume Down” and “On/Off”. For older Android smartphones, it will be enough for yourself to debit together on the “Home” and “On/Off” keys

> In verse, your Samsung Galaxy S8 is indefectibly in input during Welcom! WRITE SMS WITH EMOJIS

Since Android, smartphones allow you to corner emojis when you write an SMS. To push this feature on recent Android versions, you yourself have to thank on the manipulation “Messages” rump between “Message Settings” > “More settings” > “SMS”. Finally, “Sales Method” and choose “Automatic”

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For old smartphones, you will only need to issue the following hallmark: Settings > Languages and inputs > Parameter button and keyboard > Auxiliary Dictionary. And install “Emojis among the hexagonal words”BREF, Tips that can participate surely useful, keep them during which a trimming of your improved!  Do not hesitate to comply on Welcom’News

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